Home Security Footage Picks Up Hilarious Footage Of Guard Dog

4 years ago

A resident of Rhode Island Joe Corsi recently bought a security camera to monitor his home while he is outside. He installed the camera in a place from where the whole home can be monitored while the camera moves in a certain direction after a specific time. The camera did its job of monitoring his home, but he should find a new location for the camera because his German shepherd is so much confusion. The video shows the strange behavior of his dog.

A three-year-old German Shepherd Dog named Sasha is attracting people and making fans for an engaging video completely made accidentally. Sasha’s owner, Joe Corsi, was not at home when his security camera picked up some strange motion. He received the notification on mobile. Joe suddenly switched on in to live feed to inspecting wither everything is all right or not. Joe was surprised when he saw his black German shepherd, Sasha sitting in front of the camera lens and observing it very deeply.

Joe shared the video on different social media platforms and said: “When your security camera detects some motion and for the sake of confirmation when you take out your mobile to watch the live feed, then what happens? just watch the video.” Sasha seems to be guarding the window, but at one moment, she notices the camera moving here and there and stares in amazement at the lens of the camera. Her ears start motion and twitch back and forth. She starts tilting her head, a typical gesture of German Shepherds!

The adorable video has become the internet sensation and people are entertaining with the cute behavior of Sasha. One of the viewers commented on Facebook, “There are two security systems in the footage, one based on high technology, and the other with no tech”. Corsi originally shared the video on a social media website and people shared it more than 55000 times. The video also has got more than 10000 views via Rumble viral. The owner of Sasha created an account on Instagram on Sasha’s name and it has also got more than 1000 followers.

The reason that we call dogs “man's best friend” is pretty straightforward. It's because they allow us to be their best friends. They devote their whole life to us and give us unconditional love, support, and joyful moments. The same example can be seen in the video where a dog not only guards the home of his owner but also noticed strange things which are not in the dog’s daily routine.

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