Great Dane climbs onto furniture to swing his little friend through the air

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBandit and Lil Bear are great friends. They play together in the most adorable way. One of their favorite games is tug-of-war. Lil Bear usually initiates this game by bringing a chew toy in his mouth and standing in front of Bandit expectantly. Bandit never says no to the challenge. He is exceedingly gentle with his little friend, as if he is aware of his size and strength and he takes obvious care in how high he swings the smaller dog.

If there is too much of the rope between them, Bandit will swing and drag Lil Bear without lifting his feet off the ground. It seems very obvious that part of the fun for both is getting Lil Bear airborne. Even Bandits huge legs were not long enough with the grip they had, so he climbed up on the footrest in front of the television in order to lift Lil Bear properly.
Once he's up there, Lil Bear hangs on tight as he is swung like he's on carnival ride. This move shows an impressive amount of cleverness on the young Great Dane's part.
Few things bring a smile to our faces as big or as quickly as happy dogs. To see animals playing and showing complete joy is a beautiful thing. An enormous puppy like Bandit is even more endearing.

But as playful as Bandit is, he also has a very serious job to do. Bandit is a service dog for a young lady named Danielle. She is autistic and faces several challenges, including serious anxiety. Bandit is specially trained to help her deal with this anxiety and distract her when she has trouble managing the symptoms. He recognizes her behaviors and uses his special skills to shower Danielle with love and affection at just the right times. Bandit brings her comfort when she needs it most, companionship throughout the day, and he helps her in many other ways. He is also trained to help locate her if she becomes lost. Bandit is a very well loved member of his family by the other dogs and by his people.

Great Danes are a highly intelligent breed and they are fiercely loyal. Known for their protectiveness, as well as their trustworthiness, most people who have the good fortune of having a Dane say they have fallen completely in love with the breed. Danes are adorably clumsy as they grow, majestic and graceful as they reach maturity, and dignified in their golden years. The only downside to having a Great Dane is that they, like other giant breeds, have a lifespan that is usually shorter than most dogs. Those who have them get to love them for a shorter period of time, but certainly no less so.

Bandit is a wonderful and gentle soul who shows us all what true happiness looks like.


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    Just just awesome! Glad I saw this video! I had to watch it again another couple of times lol.

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