Money Flies Freely All Over The Highway

Published July 10, 2019 298 Plays $0.15 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdThere have been many theories about the Earth’s dance around its axis. Some thought it was nothing more than a static show while the other planets pirouetted around it, some claim that it’s an everturning whirl throughout space, but the truth is really simple - money is what makes the world go round.

Imagine this situation, you wake up one day feeling pretty ordinary, you go ahead and press the handle of your French coffee press, you might even take a bite to eat and head to your car to go to work. Fast forward a few hours later and you’re done with your job and the only thing you wanna do is go back to your bed at home. However, this is where the ordinary stops and where things get a bit wacky and extremely opportunistic.

You might notice that there is a rather huge amount of leaves on the road to your office. At first you think nothing of it, but soon you realize that it’s anything but normal. There are cars parked on the service line on the side of the road, but there is no sign of an accident. In fact, the drivers are all out of their cars and are furiously picking up leaves off the ground.

It finally clicks and you realize that you’re not going through a zombie apocalypse, but rather a slight mishap with an armored vehicle carrying money. Apparently, one of the vehicle’s doors was unlocked and money was spilled in a trail behind it. The helpful samaritans in the vehicles behind the truck were only trying to relieve the vehicle from its weight by trying to grab onto the banknotes and stuffing them into their pockets.

The bizarre occurrence happened on Interstate 285 in Atlanta when an armored car spilled more than a $100,000. People picked up money off the road even though it can be punishable by law. In the end the drivers called the police, but it was too late since the people taking the money were long gone. There can be seen lots of different vehicles, from the tiniest of cars to trucks, and they all have only one thought in mind, gather as much of the money as possible. The video was filmed on one of the most frequented roads of Atlanta, where people drive up to 75 mph. This doesn’t seem to deter the hardworking drivers as they are ready to risk their lives for all of that free cash.