Feeding a Fox For a Close Encounter

Published July 9, 2019 447 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeOccurred on February 2019 / Sestola, Italy

Info from Licensor: This is a friendly fox that comes mostly winter but also summer sometimes. She shows up unpredictably, sits down like a dog and waits patiently outside the main entrance until I bring some juicy meat. She always shows up at night and it doesn't matter how many people are around, as long there are no dogs, she will keep a safe distance until you squat down gently and wait without making sudden movements. Then she'll come to you, usually from your right side but not in a straight line, more like a mild curving angle and bite, very gently, snatching the food from your hands and eat it from a safe distance. If she's very hungry after eating might coil on the pavement like a dog, almost dozing off, kind of sleepy. What you see in the video is her wintery furry coat. Her left ear has a little scar that helps me to identify her.