Man Shocks Resort Audience As He Beautifully Sings With Pianist

Published July 8, 2019 181,085 Views

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleA man became a web sensation after a video of him singing 'Ave Maria' at Walt Disney World's Grand Floridian resort went viral on social media.
However, the most charming piece of the video is the way Gigliello's daughter gladly saw her dad as he sang.
Justin Gigliello shocked people at Disney Park with an unrehearsed interpretation of "Ave Maria" during his family trip to Walt Disney World. His little daughter asked the piano player in the lobby of the Grand Floridian resort that he'd play while her dad sang, and the outcome was, well, supernatural.
As per his Twitter bio, Gigliello is a voice and piano instructor, so it's nothing unexpected that his vocals were on point. However, the visual of this man in a football shirt and shorts singing an exemplary opera song while a pianist in a tuxedo accompanies him is a remarkable sight.
Be the best part of the entire scene is his little girl's look of pure love and veneration as he crooned.
The way that Gigliello's daughter requested the piano man to back up her father was pretty darn cute. But watching him sing will make even the hardest of hearts melt.

Some children admire their fathers as their ultimate heroes and definitive legends, and for sure the same is the case here. Obviously, Gigliello is accomplishing something right as a parent to have earned such unadulterated happiness and pride from his young little girl. Have a look at her, the way she is happy for him throughout his performance.
In addition to the fact that passersby got treated to an amazing opera performance, they likewise got the opportunity to observe absolutely sweet minute among the dad and the little girl.

Giglello performance has been shared and admired throughout the world thousands of times.
Even if you're not interested in opera, you have to give the guy appreciation for his solid vocals, especially keeping the fact in mind that he didn't even get enough time for warming up. Furthermore, you can’t resist loving the way his daughter looking up her father, with the most valuable and glad smile you will ever observe.
These are the moments which make us remember that human beings are certainly the awesome creature. This is something more beneficial than the useless things we face daily on our timelines.

Justin Gigliello is the best father who can do anything for his little daughter’s happiness. Well-done Giglello, keep it up and make your cute girl happy.

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