Golden Retriever stalks party food for hours

Published July 6, 2019 8,228 Views $12.74 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRosie wasn’t taking any chances that something yummy may fall to the floor or someone might be kind enough to sneak her a bite of party food, but after more than two hours of stalking the goodies on the counter, it’s clear Rosie isn’t getting a human treat from this party crowd. Poor Rosie! Sometimes it’s just not fair being a dog but we sure love them because they are so funny!

Golden Retrievers are amazing creatures and that is quite obvious as they are one of the most popular and beloved dogs around the world. These beauties are loyal and incredibly loving with their owners. If slobbery wet kisses and lots of sofa snuggle time sound like fun, get yourself a Golden Retriever! The puppy breath and golden glitter they leave behind are simple reminders there is nothing better than one of these fluffy little nuggets. Life is better with a Golden Retriever!