Mother bunny nurses her babies in the most adorable way

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsRabbits are among the cutest animals we know. They are even more cute when they are babies. This very devoted mother rabbit is looking after seven of them at once. She has a little family that lives beside a garden behind a house in Peterborough, Ontario. She came out of the den and looked around the garden patio to make sure it was safe. She was then joined by seven little balls of fluff that scampered under her to get a drink of milk. They scramble and roll, each trying to get their share.

This patient mother simply stands and lets them at her, content to stand guard and look around while they nurse. Her babies are a tangle of legs and fluffy tails beneath her.

Wild rabbits are found on every continent except Antarctica. They exist as wild prey animals and also as domesticated livestock. They are also common pets throughout the world.

Rabbits and hares can have litters of between one and fourteen babies and they can produce three to four litters per year. One of the most remarkable things about them is that they can actually conceive and become pregnant while previously pregnant. In the final days of pregnancy, if rabbits mate, they can conceive up to four days before they deliver the first litter. This means that they are already pregnant when the first babies are born.

Whoever coined the phrase "breed like rabbits" was very accurate.