Lumbar Support while at the Beach

Published July 5, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Carrying a pack and dragging a towel across the beach can be.... well.. a drag. Here is my simple solution to avoid tripping and lower back pain caused by carrying a heavy load.

The lumbar area is your lower back and lack of adequate support may result in lower back pain. A "Lumbar support" may be a cushion pressed between the lower back and back of chair. Some backpacks are ergonomically designed to support that area while walking but this one is not. This may be especially helpful when carrying a heavy load. Benefits to using a rolled up towel for lumbar support is
1) you won't trip on the towel
2) you won't have to carry the towel
3) the towel is not as sweaty as the backpack and can be soaked in water first.
Have a cool summer !

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