This is the best fruit seller of all time

WonderfulLife Published July 5, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Best way of selling her fruits and I hope these guys brought plenty of fruit from her.
Vietnamese people are so nice and friendly, they know ways how to make people laugh and comfortable even when they are working. The woman in this video is wearing the traditional Vietnamese hat called Non La. A common sight you will come across while traveling along Vietnam is that of local ladies donning the Non La (Vietnamese conical leaf hat), walking gracefully along the sidewalk. Here is the story of the Non La. The Non La is a traditional symbol of Vietnam, which like many other traditional costumes of the country, has an origin story that comes from a legend. The legend here pertains to the history of rice-growing in Vietnam.
The story goes that once upon a time, during a torrential downpour of rain that lasted weeks, flooding lands and homes and causing unfavorable disturbances to the rural life, a graceful goddess descended from the sky. She was wearing on her head a giant hat made of four large leaves stitched together by bamboo sticks. This hat was so large that it guarded the people against all the rain, and she was able to dispel the clouds and rain, allowing the people to return back to a normal life. The goddess even taught the people how to grow crops among many other things, and one day during one of her educational stories, mankind fell asleep listening to her soothing voice. When they woke up, the goddess was gone.
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