This Flight Attendant's Safety Brief Is Simply Hilarious

Published July 3, 2019 27,323 Views $1.42 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdSome people make life more exciting than it is. These incredible people draw that curve on your lips with every opportunity they could make use of. Have you encountered one of them in any of your flights?

If you are a seasoned traveler, the moment that you hear the safety briefing started, you would wish it ends soon. You’ve heard this over and over and if you are regularly boarding the same flight, this routine briefing may start automatically playing in your head in advance, ahead of the crew conducting the briefing. Fortunately, for this flight from Calgary to Arizona, this flight attendant’s sense of humor appealed to all passengers and surely to anyone who watches this video.

Watching this video, you’ll conclude that the one who took the footage thought of catching the moment when the attendant is almost halfway of the briefing. Have you missed much of the fun? No, not really! The comedy show went on as the flight attendant delivered more fun as the briefing is aired in French Language. So did it so well that even for one who does not understand any French word would catch the message of what is being portrayed. This a great demonstration that “action speaks louder than words?”

He is a natural comedian. His main asset is how he portrays and interprets words and scenes using his facial expressions in a hilarious way. Watching him, one can feel his energy that is overflowing with a gush of comedy. Which part for you is his best act? What about that part when he demonstrates the use of oxygen mask? Check the video to see how he made all passengers burst into laughter with his performance.
What is very commendable with this guy is that his way of delivering humor appeals to all ages: it is as funny to kids as it is to adults. Some comedians performs in a way that it appeals only to a particular age. Some, with their aim to make people laugh, resort to gestures that sometimes transgress the border of inappropriateness.

Hope that the next time you will board a plane, you will encounter a guy like him. Alternatively, you can watch this video again before your flight so you will assimilate ample amount of energy. There is a big chance that you will not feel the passage of time while the routine briefing is being conducted, no matter how boring it is. Sit back and relax and enjoy your flight!

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