3 years ago

Cat gives German Shepherd Massage Every Morning

Echo the dog and Leo the cat are best friends. Every morning, Leo insists on giving Echo a long massage to set her up for the day. Priceless!

Nothing feels as satisfying as getting a neck massage after a long day at the office! Oh, boy, how amazing that is! Unfortunately, that does not really happen like every day, so when it does, make sure to enjoy every single moment while it lasts! LOL! But, did you know that we, the humans, are not the only one who loves getting a massage? Well, it turns out that some of our canines love it too! But if you disbelieve that, just take a look at this video clip and see it for yourself!

Plus, there is a brilliant twist in it too, so you better check it out! This video shows a big adorable German shepherd who is lying on a doorstep and enjoying a pleasant massage. But the brilliant thing is a cat is the one who is massaging him! OMG, you have to see this! Who would have ever thought something like this is even possible! LOL.

The adorable German shepherd in today's video has had a long day, and now it is time for him to relax. We can all agree that chasing after squirrels all day long is a tough job. It can be really tiring, but someone has to do it, and this precious German shepherd has taken responsibility. And now, it is time for his message. The feline is a serious worker, so she has continued massaging the golden retriever even though he's sleeping. Oh, so cute.

Cats are such incredible creatures and they never cease to amaze us! Did you know that cats can actually tell when their friend is unwell and hurting? How amazing is that? If you have never seen a cat doing everything in its power to help her friend get better, you absolutely have to watch this adorable video! Be sure that you are in for a treat!

Leo is one of the millions abandoned or rescued animals waiting for your care and love in the animal shelters. Other cats were just awaiting the day some starry-eyed human would have the instant fall in love feel and pick them up, Leo was earning his daily catnip by giving massages to his best friend!

According to ASPCA, there are 6.8 million companion pets in United States shelters, of which, 3.5 million are dogs and 3.3 are cats. They all have their startling gifts that are just at the reach of your discovery, waiting for you in the local pet shelter.

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