Cow is very curious about her friend's new hat

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen you get yourself a new hat, you don't mind if it turns heads. You probably even hope for a little attention from your friends. But when Fiona was wearing this camouflage sunhat in the meadow, her friend Linda didn’t seem to be completely impressed. It’s not every day that you see a cow with any sort of head dress. These cows were getting a friendly visit from a neighbor named Dave who likes to bring them corn and give them a scratch on the head. Fiona is an exceptionally curious cow and she seemed more than a little interested in the hat. Dave took off the hat and let her sniff it. She was so fascinated that Dave put the hat on her head. She had no objection and she wore it for more than ten minutes.

Linda is one of the more senior cows in the herd and she came up to see Fiona’s hat. She stared and tried to sniff at it, clearly puzzled about why it was on Fiona’s head. Eventually, Fiona reacted with apparent sensitivity, giving Linda an impatient head butt. Flossey then came out of the crowd to have a look and Fiona barely gave her a moment before she, too got a head butt to chase her away. As Fiona was pushing Flossey, the hat fell off and landed on the ground. Flossey sniffed at it and Fiona looked at it as if she were actually confused about where it came from.

These cows are extremely curious and much more friendly than the average cows. They live on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario where they wander freely over acres of lush, green pasture and rolling hills. The farmers care for their animals as if they were pets and the cows respond to the kindness with a touching amount of trust and affection. They actually come to greet anyone they recognize, and particularly the owners of the farm who occasionally pet them and hand feed them. There will never be veal produced on this farm, or any of the other unethical practices that we see on some of the larger factory farms. Ethically raised beef may cost a little more, but the price we pay to make sure there is no cruelty involved in producing our food is well worth it.