Doberman Learns How To Close Door After Opening It

Published June 27, 2019 924 Plays $7.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere are a lot of dog parents who are assured that their pets are the smartest in the world. There is no secret that dogs are really bright creatures. They understand our emotions and our commands, and they respond to them really well. Some people think that it just results of the great relationship they have with their owners, but we believe that there is a demonstration of intelligence.

We are safe to say that we support that fact, dogs are brilliant animals and they have shown that in many, many videos. Just like this video and this smartie pants — this Doberman knows how to close the door after he opens it. Brabus has been taught how to close the door when he comes back in from outside. Priceless!

Who here watching the video wishes their dogs knew how to close the door? So amazing and smart dog, good job Brabus! Dogs are intelligent, and they are very gifted, and we are here to share those moments with you! And appreciate dogs the way they deserve to be recognized because they are simply the best! Dogs rule!

Our pups are very smart and possess abilities that are far more impressive than ours and we really cherish them for that. They always make us smile, and they make our lives so much fun!

We can tell you a lot of fantastic examples of how smart dogs are. They know everything, and they understand everything we say! They are amazing creatures, and you can see how much they are smart just by watching Brabus opening and closing the door without any assistance!

Doberman pinschers are acknowledged people-oriented dogs that are loving and gentle with people if socialized and disciplined correctly. They are faithful to their owners and are great with children if raised with them; however, some Dobermans bond only to one person.

Even though a lot of people consider this breed aggressive and bad, they are, in fact, really affectionate dogs and love show their love and attention to their owners. They make great family dogs, and they would love to play or cuddle with their owners all day. They’re renown for their loyalty and fearlessness, and we just love them.

Dobermans are extremely intelligent and athletic dogs, so there job or task they can not complete. Oh, and did we mentioned that they are the fifth smartest breed in the world? Such amazing creatures!