Golden Retriever Meets Newborn Baby For The First Time

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsDogs are indisputably the best kind of pets. Sure we love the other fluffers, too, but they would not ever love us back as half as much as dogs do. When it comes to dogs as pets, they are loyal to a fault. They would do anything for our love and attention and sometimes it just does not seem like we truly understand the magnitude of their faith in us. They are the most loyal friends a man could ever want and we should appreciate them every waking hour we spend with them.

During this loveable video, we get to meet two extraordinary souls, a baby and a Golden Retriever named Jack Jr. During the video we get to see loveable moments when the dog and the newborn baby get to meet. It really feels like the dog is taking care of one of her puppies. Golden Retrievers are also really good dogs when it comes to company and is really helpful.

Every time Jack Jr. is shown to the camera he has a huge smile on her face and her tail is moving really fast as he is so happy to be around the newborn. he is also very adorable because some type of dogs would not behave like that, they could get jealous and some do not like kids in general. You can hear the owner telling her to calm down a little bit because the dog does not realize its own strength but he only means well as he goes to cuddle and lick the newborn. What a heartwarming moment!

When the time comes to bring a baby in their home, a lot of dog owners have a hard time deciding whether or not their canine will get along with the new member of the family. That is one of the important reasons why so many canines end up in shelters.

There are a few ways you can help your dog get accustomed to the novelties that will happen in your home. In the few relatively shorts months before your baby’s arrival, be sure to focus on teaching your canine baby the skills it will need to safely interact with the new human baby. Also, be mindful of their needs and help them adjust better to the new experiences.

Animal behaviorists suggest that you ease up on your puppy pal in the months prior to bringing your baby home so that when the new member arrives, your canine will know that this creature is also part of the pack, worthy of respect and love.

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