Hound Dog Sings Along To Elvis

Published June 25, 2019 11,221 Views $23.88 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe knew that dogs could be talented at many different things. Some are great at doing tricks such as rolling over and even doing a flip! There are also some dogs which can 'speak!' Do you know what is even more impressive than having a dog that can 'speak?' How about a dog that can sing as well! That seems to be precisely the case in this hilarious clip right here!

Have you asked yourself what the things that bring joy to you and can put a smile on your face are? If one of those things are music, dogs, and affection than this next video will make so happy.

Stashe sings and plays Elvis' 'Hound Dog' for his Basset Hound named... Elvis! So cool! Step right up, folks and listen to Elvis the singing basset howl through a chorus of one of his favorite songs! How amazing are these guys having the time of their life, just singing and enjoying each others company!

We enjoy seeing owners and dogs singing; it's always satisfying to see the bond that people share with their dogs. If you ever wondered if dogs enjoy singing this video is the perfect answer for you! They do! We can't get over this and can't stop watching! But we have never seen a dog to enjoy singing so much until we saw this doggy singing his favorite Elvis song. Precious!

Not all dogs have this kind of ability and talent for singing, but we have to admit that some dogs know how to impress us with their singing skills. There's something about dogs that everybody cherishes. Regardless of whether it be their astonishing characters, their cushioned coat, their warm adoring eyes, or merely the way that they appreciate us so much — despite what the reason is, pretty much everybody can agree that doggos truly are leading amongst other pets to have.

Dogs are amazing creatures, aren't they? That's why we want to share cute dog videos as much as we can. For example, take a look at this dog successfully singing along to ‘old McDonald had a farm’!

As the owner says first sentences, she starts humming the rest of the lyrics and the dog instantly tags along. The owner of this dog is amazed by the dog's performance as we hear her giggling after each verse. The dog then proceeds to howl, tilting his head backward, just like his ancestors the wolves would howl during the night. How cool is that?