Husband Scares Wife Two Times In A Row

Published June 25, 2019 7,684 Plays $23.61 earned

Rumble / PranksWe have quite the video on our hands here as this husband is just set on making his wife have a heart attach. Well, not literally we hope. However it does seem to scare her quite a bit and this as you can guess is not really up to her liking. Her husband is however not what one would call newbie and has a very good understanding of how to make his wife almost pee her pants. Lot of us would agree that being scared is almost never fun. Some of us even do not prefer seeing videos in which other people get scare cause it does seem to remind them of their own experience. Ether way, they usually end up in all people laughing so why not laugh along side them.

We are not experts on the topic however we have noticed that these kinds of prank videos are more than common on the internet and probably for the same old reason, they are all funny! It really depends who you ask but if you ask the pranksters they will surely answer positive. So,feel like finding out more about this. Then keep on reading!

What is in a prank? Would you like to scare someone pantless, make them squeal like a little girl and then kiss
your friendship goodbye? Or you just want to embarrass them until they turn bright red and then kiss your friendship goodbye? You got to be careful with those things, because one wrongly calculated move can cost you plenty. If you do, however, plan the details of your prank properly and whip out your camera phone at the right moment, you might actually catch something hilarious happening and get some viral fame while you are at it. Just like these couple of friends did, much to the dismay of one of them.

This is a very realistic prank, but it can be deadly for those who suffer heart problems, so it shouldn’t be displayed for everyone, or there should at least be some kind of warning!
We just can't help but wonder how it is that this woman falls for a similar prank twice. Never the less, it is hilarious!

What is your opinion of this hilarious moment? Have you ever had the opportunity to witness something similar? It is important to talk about these issues, we hope you can express your opinions freely in the comments below. Have a nice day!