Dog Steals Owner's Money, Thinks He Can Buy His Own Treats

Published June 25, 2019 6,334 Views $7.21 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe love dogs, and we love everything about them. We love their personalities, how much love they can give, the attention we receive from them, and just how they are the definition of true love. The bond we share with our dogs is one of a kind. They make us feel loved and safe, and that is one of the many reasons why we loved them and why we think they are the most beautiful animals in the world.

What's not to love? With their furry little bodies, angelic eyes, and tail that expresses love more than anything in the world. They also have ears which are perky or floppy, and all of these features together make them pretty much perfection. What's your favorite feature about your dog?

What we love most about them and that always makes us laugh is that no matter how much they have eaten, they are always hungry. They always want extra food, extra treats, they even want what’s left on your plate. Conclusion: They need to eat all the time!

And what happens when you say 'no' to them, or you don't give them food, because you know they had enough? Well, they steal your money and go to buy treats for themselves. Yes, you heard right, they steal. This pupper tried to borrow money from her, and we have her on video! Take a look!

Koda stole his owner's money, maybe thinking he can make his own way to the pet store for snacks! He refuses to let go of the money, and looks for a way out so he can go to the pet store and buy some more food!

There is no science that dogs love to eat! It's their favorite activity! They love to sleep, and they love to eat! Every time we sit at the table, they're there! Every time we open a bag of chips, they are right by your side to eat together, or even if they just feed their meal, it doesn't matter it's time to eat yours too!

They will do anything for treats! This cleaver dog learns how to ring a bell for treats and that is truly going an extra mile when you want something!

So basically all he needs to do is to ring the bell to receive a treat. Pashmak is a quick-learning dog who has figured out how to ring a bell for some tasty treats. Now that's good!