'The Walking Dead' characters receive very unusual tribute

Published June 25, 2019 2 Plays $0.06 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsDave and Kristy are hardcore fans of the Walking Dead TV series. They look forward to Sunday nights when the show is running and they don't miss a minute. Kristy had been making pizza to snack on while watching the show but she recently found a special pan that allows her to make little pizza pockets that are formed in the shape of a skull. The scary little faces gave her an idea and she surprised Dave with the skull pizzas one night just before the show.

Her creations were too good to eat without admiring and taking a few pictures. Then pictures became video and Kristy got a case of the giggles. She began using the pizza skulls like little puppets and then her creative side got the better of her. The two of them began imitating characters and making voices like the "walkers" in the show. With a few props, Kristy performed a little demonstration of how each of the main characters fended off the zombie-like walkers with their trademark weapon and technique.

The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious virus of some sort has infected the entire planet. If you are bitten by a walker, or if you die by any means, you turn into one of the undead. Your eyes glaze over and you become like a rapid animal that closely resembles a slow walking zombie. These walkers pursue anyone who is still alive, trying to bite them. They are unstoppable, except through a direct blow to the brain or skull. In this pizza "episode" of The Walking Dead, Kristy pays tribute to Morgan, who uses a staff to prod the walkers face on, Daryl, a character famous for his cross bow technique, and Michonne, a ferocious woman who uses a samurai sword. With impressive accuracy, similar to Michonne, she precisely strikes the pizza skull while missing Dave's fingers by millimeters. But Kristy has used a dull butter knife instead of anything sharp, so Dave's digits are completely safe.

All of this makes the two laugh ridiculously and Dave gets an idea. The one character that she has not yet portrayed is Negan, one of the super villains who has been able to disgust and infuriate watchers with his ruthless show personality, while capturing their hearts at the same time with his amazing acting skills and real life charm. Dave hurries off to get a rolling pin and he makes an imitation of Negan and his baseball bat named Lucille. Negan is famous for thumping not only walkers, but a fan favorite, a character named Glenn who was murdered in a shocking episode in season 7.

Dave and Kristy discovered the show after becoming friends with Marisol Correa, an actress who has starred in numerous movies, TV shows and commercials. She has portrayed military officers, mothers, and numerous no-nonsense roles such as one of the Oceanside community women in The Walking Dead. They began watching the show to see Marisol in action and soon became addicted to the dramatic and riveting plot. Knowing one of the characters personally has added immensely to the fun of watching and Kristy will often ask Dave to text Marisol while they are watching to ask her to explain why the producers allowed any of her favorite characters to come to harm. Usually, the answer they get back is at least partly saucy, just like Kristy's pizza skulls.

Please enjoy Kristy's little culinary tribute to one of the most popular shows ever to hit the TV screen. And of course, tune in for season 10...if you dare!