Terrifying Hail Storm Caught On Camera

Published June 24, 2019 3,076 Views

Rumble / Strange WeatherSome weather effects are so unusual they catch the power of even the most silvery meteorologists. A thunderstorm with quarter-size hail, a threatening shelf cloud, or yet a full-fledged snowstorm are impressive, but some weather phenomena are outstanding in magnitude, significantly rare for a given area or time of year or just flat-out bizarre.

This video is pretty insane and we have never seen something like this! This hail storm is pretty insane and also is very frightening. This took place near Campbell during an afternoon storm. Crazy! Would you look at the size of the rocks, and that poor car.

Wow, looking at this video we got pretty interested about hail storms. They are pretty extreme, and we want to know more about it. How does hail storms form? It appears to be insane that softball-sized pieces of ice would rush through the sky on a midsummer's evening.

So what makes summer hail storms so extreme? What's more, what
causes hail in any case? Hail structures when rainstorm updrafts are sufficiently able to convey water beads well over the solidifying level.

This solidifying procedure frames a hailstone, which can develop as extra water solidifies onto it. In the long run, the hailstone turns out to be unreasonably overwhelming for the updrafts to help it and it tumbles to the ground.

Hail, to put it plainly, is fundamentally a round of back-and-forth between rising breezes and gravity. Warm, dampness rich air is the essential fuel hot spot for rainstorms. The warm air gets consumed into a storm through the quickly developing breeze, known as an updraft, which powers the entire framework.

Well, we have seen a lot of videos like that these days. To us, they are fascinating and scary at the same time. Here is another video of a hail storm flash floods batter Slovenian village and it’s really a sign that mother nature can be scary!

Dramatic footage shows how powerful hail storms caused flooding in a mountain village. The unseasonal thunderstorms and torrential downpour lashed the town of Gornji Dolic in the Brezovica region of Slovenia on July 2. Footage from resident Roman Herlah shows how roads were transformed into raging rivers as muddy water cascaded down hillsides causing flash floods.

He said: ''In the area of Gornji Dolič there was a strong, static thunderstorm with heavy rains and hail in the afternoon. This cause rapid and dangerous torrents of water and flooding. Many plants in gardens and fields were destroyed.''

Full credit to: JimPenceChalk on Twitter