3 years ago

Make-your-Own Pegboard with Pill Bottles and Foam

Attach a piece of foam to a wall or cabinet to create a vertical plane “peg board”. I made the pegs by filling old pills bottles with beads, penny, marbles or other materials to make sounds. My clients love to shake them! Young children with or without disabilities will benefit from this easy to make activity because:
1. Working in the vertical plane strengthens shoulders and arms
2. Its easier to visually attend to materials right in front of your face than looking down on a table.
3. Promote using hands together by holding a container filled with “pegs”
4. You can incorporate movement by placing materials across the room or on the floor so that children or clients need to move up and down to retrieve and place the pegs
5. These “pegs” are very large and easy to grasp and place-perfect for building motor control.

Obviously, this activity can also be used on a table and one of my clients who is blind loves to shake, insert them and feel the foam texture. The bottles can be covered with bright duct tape to add visual fun and the option to create color patterns. Adding sensory stimulation to ordinary activities can make all the difference in motivating people of all ages to build hand skill!

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