Mercedes Fan Builds 300KMH C9 Sauber | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Published June 21, 2019 7 Views

Rumble AN EX-TEST driver and mechanic has built a road-legal replica of the iconic Sauber-Mercedes C9 using a 1:32 scale model as a guide. Johan Ackermann, from Gauteng, South Africa created a custom-designed chassis for the supercar - famous for winning the 1989 Le Mans - so that modern Mercedes-Benz parts would fit into it. The impressive custom-built replica boasts a twin-turbo 3.2-litre V6 under the bonnet capable of 370hp and 332lb of torque at 5000rpm and reaching speeds of over 186mph (300km/h). The 64-year-old mechanic built a lightweight frame, skinned with 4mm-thick cardboard which was coated with diluted resin and fiberglass cloth on both sides.

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