Puppy Can't Pass Up Popcorn Snack

Published June 19, 2019 35,844 Views $35.25 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe and our cute puppy love popcorns because it’s a crunchy, salty and buttery snack. This food will surely make our puppy named Ruby come running and begging to have a share. She will leave everything she is doing just for the sake of popcorns. If you don’t believe all this, watch this video of cute Ruby the Golden doodle and you will love the way she takes her share from her humans and eats popcorn.

Ruby the cute puppy will leave everything she’s doing to try and get a bite when it comes to popcorns. That’s obvious in this cute video her owners filmed while they were watching a movie and eating. The couple from Springfield, Missouri explains that the cute Ruby is easily puzzled when we eat popcorns in front of her.

"I and my fiancé Sarah were relaxing after coming home from our jobs and planned to watch a movie together while eating popcorns. Ruby, our cute Golden doodle, enjoys gazing our front yard from the living room window. She easily loses her focus when we start eating popcorns and switches focus between surveying outside and popcorns. This is unusual, but a treat of high value for her, as it's not a healthy food for dogs.

She started doing this thing where she was checking to see if we are willing to give her some snacks in the most casual motion, so I had to take out my camera and capture the moment for. We were unable to stop laughing while she was doing it and after watching the video too! Although she knew she’s not going to get it most of the time that doesn’t stop Ruby from trying to get some snacks.
We are not active on social media although I posted the video to share it with others too and were happy to find so many others also found enjoyment and laughter in it as well. While posting the video, we didn’t expect that it will go viral and people will get that much fun after watching the video.”

The moment she takes her head out of the curtains to see if we are willing to give her some popcorn is full of love and her family is happy they captured the amazing scene in video, although they didn’t expect it would make so many other people smile and people will know them and Ruby after watching the video.


  • debdeb, 1 year ago

    That's hilarious! My cat does this when she hears the words "Bubbles" (the ones kids blow) "cookie" and "ice water". Animals are so silly.

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  • Keal, 1 year ago

    That's hilarious. Puppy hears someone eating popcorn and let them know that he's hungry for popcorn.

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  • bluedaisy, 1 year ago

    too freaking cute!!!!

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