Jet skier's unbelievably skillful prank drenches cyclist on bridge high above

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Rumble / PranksA cyclist making his way along a country road stopped for a drink and a little rest on a bridge overlooking a large river below. It was no coincidence that Dave stopped here while out pedaling. He's been cycling this road for years and he knows that the bridge over the Otonabee River is an excellent place to pause and look out over the water. There is a beach and conservation area in sight of the bridge and there are often boats, Seadoos, and other interesting things to look at for a few minutes. The bridge is also a very popular spot for teenagers to jump from to entertain their friends at the beach, even though it is more than 40 feet from the railing to the water below.

Dave doesn't go far without his GoPro camera and when he saw that there were two jet skiers zipping around on their machines, he started to film them. One of them was hopping his jet ski over waves, submerging it, and doing various tricks. He was obviously very skilled and very athletic, but the trick he was about to pull was something Dave didn't even think was possible.

Without seeming to look up at the bridge, the jet skier made it appear that he wasn't even aware that he was being watched. He drove under the bridge, turned and came back. He slowed down exactly under Dave and whipped around onto the front of the jet ski with impressive speed and agility. Dave was wondering if the jet skier was showing off, or performing a trick for the benefit of the camera. He didn't realize that this was about to be an incredible prank that would knock his glasses off, knock his bike over, and leave him completely drenched.
By sitting on the nose of the jet ski, the skier was able to tilt the back end, including the jet, right out of the water. He pressed the throttle and sent a jet of water upwards that was as powerful as a fire hose. With unbelievable precision, he blasted Dave with hundreds of gallons of water. The jet hit Dave so hard that his bicycle was knocked over and his sunglasses were washed off his face onto the ground. Dave was soaked from his head to his feet and so was the entire bridge around him.

Luckily, this was a hot day and the soaking was refreshing. But even if it hadn't been so hot, there's no way you could help but applaud such a brilliant and well executed prank. Dave laughed in disbelief as the jet skier rode away to meet his friends and share a laugh about what he had just done. Who would ever expect to be soaked from below when you are high above on a bridge?

Dave was so impressed with this display of skill that he cycled down to the park below and shook the jet skier's hand. They both shared a laugh over what had just happened and the fact that it was all caught on camera.

The jet skier's name is Brian and if you're ever standing on a bridge over a river, you better hope he's not down below on his jet ski. This seems like something Brian has done many times and it's not likely he’d pass up a chance to do it again.

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