Scuba diver and crab share adorable interaction

Published June 18, 2019 12,490 Views $11.09 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeKristy is a scuba diver with a love for all of the little creatures that she meets under the waves. She likes to photograph them too. She was enjoying a beautiful dive in a freshwater cenote when she came a across a very bold little blue crab. Cenotes are the rivers that run underground and connect hundreds of miles of caves and caverns in Mexico near Akumal. Parts of the cenote are open above and the light and the clarity of the water provide a fantastic opportunity to photograph the animals.

Kristy was surprised to see a crab walking toward her over the sand, out in the open and she photographed him as he walked right in front of her and posed. Kristy got her photos and then lowered herself right to the sand to have a close look. Her little friend turned to stare at her as he walked past and Kristy couldn't resist giving him a little wave. It really seemed as if he held some sort of curiosity about her or her camera.

The little crab walked away backwards, keeping his eyes on her the entire time. Then he stopped and did something very unexpected. He began waving back at her with his back legs in a very enthusiastic manner.

It's almost as if the little crab understood the greeting and returned it before he walked away and resumed his exploration. Blue crabs are beautiful see, with their colorful shells and legs. They are also quite fascinating as they scuttle around on the sand, peering curiously at everything with their little periscope eyes.

It's very easy to perceive human characteristics and behavior when we see animals acting in a human-like way, but it's just as likely that the waving was for another reason. All the same, Kristy and her dive buddies will laugh and talk about this as the time when Kristy waved to a crab and he waved right back.