Clever Cat Opens Kitchen Drawer To Retrieve Toy

Published June 17, 2019 7,642 Views $24.69 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are curious and smart creatures. They love poking their paws in boxes and squeezing into tight places. Judging from all the trouble they get into, it is no wonder cats are said to have nine lives. Their challenging behavior is an essential part of their nature. However, they are, and they know how to use their intelligence to manipulate you or get what they want.

There is no science that cats love to play with toys! It's their favorite activity! They love to sleep, and they love to play around with something. You can see them poking something, throwing something from one side of the room to the other and just playing with toys all the time.

These cats love their toys, but somehow they were hidden in the drawer by their owners, but nothing could keep them away from their toys, so they made a plan to get them. Ozzy and Lzzy are very determined to get their toy back. Must see! You can see one of the cats is keeping an eye on the door to see if someone is coming, while the other steals the toy from the drawer. Perfect partners in crime!

Even though it may seem like your kitten likes to sleep most of the day, most of you who own a cat has probably been woken up by a loud noise caused by your furry cat playing around the house with their toy. However, that also can mean that they are exercising their hunting instincts. So, let your cat play because play is so important. Physical activity can keep them fit and also keep them busy during the day.

There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe a cat. On the one hand, they are adorable balls of fluff, able to express incredible amounts of love from such tiny creatures. They love games, and they love their toys as you can see in the video. Cats are really the silliest animals we have ever seen! We can confirm that the range of incredible and amazing videos of cats, including this one! Don't you just love them?

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