Puppy Discovers Himself In The Mirror For The First Time

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA cute dachshund sees himself in the mirror and has the cutest reaction ever.

Self-discovery is not an easy job. There are many things we don’t know or realize about ourselves, and dealing with them can be challenging for most of us and even more so for a dog.
A cute but confused dachshund was filmed chasing himself around after seeing himself in a mirror.

The adorable video shows a one-year-old dachshund running from one side to another as he struggled to shake off the other dachshund at his home in Australia. Knowing himself doesn’t come that much easy. When he takes a look at himself in the mirror, he’s not fully sure what he sees…literally!

The cute dog is later seen wandering behind the mirror in an attempt to find the apparent dog but in vain and this makes him more confused.

The short clip shows him at one point putting his paw out to touch the apparent dachshund, as he becomes excited for the other dog.

He is then seen running again and again to the mirror as he sees his own reflection.

Owner Carly Wood said that the cute dachshund still doesn’t know about the second dog that this is his own reflection despite nearly playing in front of the mirror for a year.

She said: 'I can't stop laughing when the dog does this. Even after almost a year of seeing his own reflection in the mirror, he hasn't known yet that it isn't another dog.

'It's become a daily routine and he will play with his "invisible friend" for a long time until a noise or some movement distracts him.

'I hope he never grows out of it and remains this much cute.'

The owner explained that the dog starts hitting the mirror as soon as he gets a glimpse of himself.

'I am shocked if he thinks his reflection is his brother as they are almost the same in look and they have met a few times since we brought the pooches home,' she said.

'As soon as he sees himself in the mirror, he tries to pounce and runs after it. Sometimes he gives me a real fright because he starts barking out of nowhere and seems to be confused and angry.

How adorable! Hopefully, with the passage of time, self-reflection will not be such a confusing process for him and he will recognize himself soon. He will be then used-to to it.

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