Escalator Keeps Bringing People Upstairs, But There's No Place To Go

Published June 14, 2019 27,649 Plays $16.65 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsWhen we were little kids, we loved riding on the escalators in the malls. It was so fun and exciting it was almost like riding on some cool ride at the fun park. But, when we got older, we released that the escalators were not fun at all, a matter of fact they were really annoying, and now we do anything we can to avoid them. There are always too many people there.

Do you agree with us? If you are wondering, what we are talking about just take a look at this video, and see how much crowded can it be? The escalator keeps bringing more people upstairs, but they have nowhere to go, and soon chaos ensues.

Okay, this video is a little bit an extreme example, but you get the idea. Sometimes the problem is not in the escalator, the problem is in the people. However, putting the escalator on the side, the video got us thinking, why were all people going on the floor when they clearly saw that there was no place at all?

Next thing you know, people are falling all over each other, down the escalator, people were climbing in the middle of the escalator, and it was a complete mess. What's the real story behind this video? Escalators can be tricky, but luckily we have some tips and tricks in our sleeves to tell you the do's and do n't's.

Buckets and moving walkways are a helpful method to head out from floor to floor, go here and there slants and quickly spread level separations. Here are a few different ways to guarantee you and your kindred riders make each ride a protected one. So Don't ride with sticks, walkers, trucks or wheeled vehicles, including kid buggies. Try not to ride shoeless or with loose shoelaces.

On elevators, watch the heading of the moving advances, and enter just when steps are going the best possible way. On escalators, stand in the center of the step and face forward. Please don't try to run or sit on them.

Also, parents, make sure children ride in a proper manner. So, we hope that these tips will help you next time you ride on an escalator, and by the way, we truly hope that you will never be stuck in a situation like the people in the video. So, do you have any tips when it comes to escalator?


  • debdeb, 24 weeks ago

    What the????

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  • Davehawk, 24 weeks ago

    An escalator taking them upstairs with no where to go. Didn't the idiots see the stairs going down, oh! no, there were more idiots standing in front of them and blocking them. Have I called these people idiots yet?

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    • RickVelocity, 24 weeks ago

      The down escalator was not running so the idiots thought there was no way down!

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  • omgiloveher, 24 weeks ago

    I would be pissed 😂

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