Escalator keeps bringing people upstairs, but there's no place to go

ViralHog Published June 14, 2019 27,328 Plays $16.63 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsThe escalator keeps bringing more people upstairs, but they have nowhere to go and soon chaos ensues.


  • debdeb, 4 weeks ago

    What the????

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  • Davehawk, 4 weeks ago

    An escalator taking them upstairs with no where to go. Didn't the idiots see the stairs going down, oh! no, there were more idiots standing in front of them and blocking them. Have I called these people idiots yet?

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    • RickVelocity, 4 weeks ago

      The down escalator was not running so the idiots thought there was no way down!

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  • omgiloveher, 4 weeks ago

    I would be pissed 😂

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