Cute Puppy Pretends To Be A Bunny Rabbit

Published June 13, 2019 3,397 Views $25.63 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe feel like it's been a long time since we have talked about how cute and amazing dogs are. For us, a perfect home is the one who has a pet waiting for you at the door for you to come home from work wiggling with its tail, showing you how much they have missed you.

Dog parents are called parents for a reason, not just because they simply own a dog, they are called like that because they tend to treat dogs as their kids in every single way possible. From pampering them to dressing them up. Guilty as charged!

The first thing people keep in mind, and their hearts is the comfort and well-being of their dog. Dogs have a special place in people's lives and think pets are much more part of their family now, so together of dressing up their kids, and people love to dress up their pets. Some people bond with their pets and have fun with them by playing dress up, and the dog enjoys being a fashion icon and have fun playing with costumes than that is a time well spend with your pooch!

These dog parents love to play dress up with their dog, and the fun in all of that is that he loves his costumes a lot! Check out Crumpet and his cute bunny costume, and we guarantee you that it will make your day so much better!

This is Crumpet the Keeshond puppy. He loves dressing up, and he loves photo shoots. He has his wardrobe full of different costumes and outfits and often runs over to ask to wear something. Today he decided to be a bunny, and to top off the look even scored a tasty carrot!

He just sits there, dressed as a bunny enjoying his carrot and we are here gushing about how cute he is and how funny is this video. Also, guess what his favorite toy is? A stuffed bunny, of course! He really likes bunnies. So cute!

But, his cuteness does not stop there! Crumpet also loves music, playing and the piano and singing. Isn't that amazing? In this video here, we can see how he practices playing the piano and he really seems to like it. Crumpet would love to be the next big thing, and please offer a round of applause for the floofy boo. Do you like dressing up your dog? Tell us below in our comment section!

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