Golden Retriever Adorably Falls For Magic Trick

Published June 12, 2019 7,498 Views

Do you like dogs and magic tricks? Then you have to watch this video before it's too late! On the Internet you can find many videos of dogs that do fun and adorable things, many of these videos show that dogs are really nice pets, because they are capable of doing things that illuminate the environment and improve the quality of life of people. I think that all dogs love to play with their families, but this Golden Retriever seems to be a very intelligent dog, since it shows love for magic tricks and proves to be a big fan of games, and also shows great taste for the oranges. In what hand does the orange hide? It's your turn to guess!

A dog Golden Retriever and his owner were bored at home, for that reason they decided to make a game where both have fun, so the owner of this dog Golden Retriever takes the task and the initiative to teach a magic trick to your dog. Throughout the video you can see how the man asks his dog. Where is the orange? Then, the dog takes a little time to think, makes a quick decision and selects the wrong hand, but the dog always tries to act normally despite his mistake. In what hand is the orange? It is not in this one! Then it's on the other hand!

The Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dogs that exist today, as many people consider that these dogs belong to one of the most adorable and intelligent dog breeds, which allows them to socialize with families and be very loyal to their owners. Many veterinarians say that Golden Retrievers are dogs that need a balanced diet and many hours of fun during the day to enjoy good health and not have obesity problems. Although many dogs do not like the taste of orange, this Golden Retriever seems to have very peculiar tastes, since you can see that he loves the taste of orange.

It is proven that dogs react in a very similar way to people when they see magic tricks, since both usually react impressed and happy. The truth is that like people, dogs at a young age do not yet know the permanence of objects, so they react in a very particular way when they see a magic trick. Some experts indicate that the child takes about eighteen months of age to recognize the permanence of objects, in the case of dogs the same thing happens, although they usually do it at an age lower than eighteen months.

We must always take the time to have fun and play with our pets, certainly there are no excuses for not doing so, as there are hundreds of games and tricks to play with our pets, especially if they are dogs. Magic tricks are always a useful strategy to play with children and dogs, since both react with great interest and enjoy playing, although the desire to play can increase when there is food. It seems like today is a good day to eat oranges and do magic tricks!

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