Coati steals fries from poolside vacationer

Published June 10, 2019 2,463 Views $23.37 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEveryone and everything gets hungry doesn’t it. Some of us are fortunate enough that we are able to just jump in our vehicle and head to the grocery store and buy the supplies we need for dinner or breakfast. Out in the wild it is not quite the same. Many animals have to hunt for their meals. Tracking down their prey lions, tigers, bears and other predators plan their attack. Once planned they advance with their plan in order to feed themselves and their hungry family. On a recent vacation, Brent noticed a very interesting and cute animal that he later discovered was called a Coati. The coati, or better known in English as the long nosed coon looks much like the well known raccoon of North America. Measuring approximately 13 to 17 inches long from head to the base of the tail and weighing in at around four and a half to seventeen pound.

The coati are much like the size of a large house cat. Having long tails, this is used in tall vegetation to keep their troops in order, making it easy for the rest to follow the leader whom has his tail held high. Also having long snouts which they can rotate up to sixty degrees in any direction, they use their noses for pushing objects as well as rubbing parts of their bodies when itchy. Having strong limbs they are great climbers and diggers. The little coati whom is the subject of this video was recorded by a visitor named Brent. While relaxing at the resort pool on his vacation, he saw some movement out the corner of his eye. Once turned enough to see what was moving, he discovered a theft in progress.

Not a theft as we may think, no, the resort is very safe. What Brent began to witness was the ingenuity the coati has gained in order to gather food, the easiest way possible. Prowling the pool area is a perfect way to find scraps of food, or as this little guy discovered, a whole tray full of food. Of course it is not suggested to feed the animals or they will always be bothering the guests. Also being wild animals, they still may bite. Once satisfied with his meal, Mr Coati moved on to the next “restaurant”.


  • SloggerVlogger, 1 year ago

    We only get damn pigeons and seagulls, why can't we get something cute like this lol

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    • cdngreenwaterdiver, 1 year ago

      Same here. We do have raccoons though but don’t think I want them visiting me on the patio

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