Cowboy Ropes In Cattle During Deadly Flood Waters

Published June 10, 2019 1,127 Plays $12.74 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesDo you think cowboys are people with incredible abilities? The truth is that some cowboys are quite agile and have pretty good skills that allow them to take life to another level, this means that they can generally do things that other people do not, and this makes many animals depend on cowboys. The truth is that most cowboys care a lot about the integrity of their livestock, since they are part of their lives and often depend on them, which often means that the cowboys have to go out and defend and take care of their livestock, especially when unexpected events occur, such as floods and storms. This is incredible!

On the Verdigris River towards Claremore, Oklahoma, there was recently heavy rains due to a storm in the area. The rains caused heavy flooding in the area, which caused many animals to be affected, especially farm animals such as cows, as they were dragged into the river, so this cowboy used his skill with the rope to save his cattle. Throughout the video, you can see how the cowboy is on board a boat while trying to navigate the Verdigris River in search of his cows, and then, after finding them, he uses his cowboy rope to catch them and load them into the boat. This requires a lot of skill and courage!

Being a cowboy is not an easy job, since it requires a lot of agility and strength to control multiple animals, especially those that are part of livestock, as is the case of cows, horses and bulls. To be a good cowboy, you must learn mainly to use the cowboy rope, since it is the main tool used during your work, especially when you need to catch a cattle animal while trying to escape, or even save a cow disoriented in a flood, as in this video.

Farm animals and livestock are generally not very intelligent and easily frightened, for that reason they become easily disoriented when they get scared, so storms, rains and floods often cause some animals to become disoriented and run very desperate . Sometimes, the floods drag everything in its path, as the level of the river rises and this represents a danger for some animals that do not know how to defend themselves and only get scared, that's why the cowboys are responsible for making the cattle stay calm and sure. You have to take care of all the animals when there is a flood!

Cowboys have existed for hundreds of years, and it is a profession that continues to be useful for the control and administration of livestock, although in recent years the cowboy population has declined drastically due to industrialization and robotization. On the other hand, in some countries of America, as is the case of Mexico and the United States, there is still a large population of cowboys, and this is quite good because they are people with skills and customs that deserve to be remembered and respected forever! Some customs never go out of style!