Cows compete for affection just like big puppy dogs

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsDave is an animal lover to the extreme. He lives very close to a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario, where the cows are extremely happy and well looked after. They have ponds with fresh water to drink, acres of lush, green meadow to graze and forest at the edge of the pastures. The farmers run a very ethical operation and the cows are living the good life, as close to what nature intended as possible.

The farmers were leaving town for a few days and they asked Dave to keep an eye on the cows and move them from one pasture to another the following day. Excited for this opportunity to "babysit" the cows, Dave took the job very seriously. He happily wandered among the cows as they grazed and enjoyed the sunshine. As it turns out, cows are more curious and inquisitive than we might imagine. With an intellect that is similar to dogs and personalities that are also similar, the cows soon approached Dave and figured out that he made a good scratching post. More than happy to rub their heads and scratch their chins, Dave was kept very busy, petting them with both hands.

Fiona and Flossey are sisters (half sisters, with Gus the bull being their father), born last spring. Fiona was enjoying a head and face rub while Flossey rubbed her head on Dave's leg and her chin on his shoulder. Deciding that it was her turn to be the center of attention, she put her head down and squeezed between Dave and Fiona, completely pushing her sister out of the way. Fiona puts her ears back and looks like annoyed. Half-heartedly, she even nudges Flossey to remind her not to hog the attention.

Anyone who has two or more dogs has seen this behavior when one of them sees that the other is getting too much petting. Cows are generally more aloof and may not see humans as being so approachable, but these cows show how affectionate and pet-like they can be when they are used to being treated well.

Completely unaware of how large and powerful they are, these cows actually bump and knock Dave around a little as he tries to keep up with their demands.