Dirty Samoyed Puppies Plays In The Mud

Published June 7, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese puppies are having a blast playing in mud, or in other words, having a good ol' mud bath. These dogs love that mud so much. They just can't hide the excitement. Dogs are supposed to be man's greatest friend, but it looks like these pups have gotten it wrong, because as you can see from this video, these puppies aren't man's best friend - they're MUD'S top friend. Do you have dogs those dears nothing more than rolling around in the dirt? A dog can get carried away, so excited by the changing environment, the rain, the puddles, the water running down to the sewers.

The moisture and cooler temperatures can comfort your dog cool off. If they are overheating then this may be the primary cause of the behavior. The basis for this comes from predatory behaviors. Rolling around in mud or other substances can mask their scent, allowing them to sneak up on prey more efficiently. Mud has many benefits for your dog. It can soothe irritations by removing dead irritated skin. The mud applied to your dog’s coat during the bath can benefit moisturize the skin and remove dandruff. This is very beneficial in the winter when the air is drier.

Many have faith in its instinctual behavior, back to the days when your dog’s wild ancestors would mask their scent to help them sneak up on their prey. Wolves, for example, have been observed rolling in animal carcasses or the droppings of plant-eating animals, to cover up their own smell during the hunt. Your dog may be rubbing his head to relieve an itch caused by a health issue such as fleas, or skin allergies caused by his food, household products or the grass itself. If the rubbing is incessant, or if you can see fleas, inflammation or an infection, consult with your veterinarian about the cause and treatment.

Your dog's dirt eating could actually be a search for minerals, vitamins or even good macrobiotic bacteria that he isn't getting in his diet. Kibble and unbalanced diets could be the culprits. Pica is well-defined as a state whereby dogs eat things other than food. Eating just a bit of dirt is generally not harmful, (of course in moderation!) but in some cases it can turn out to be. For instance, if your dog ingests dirt where other dogs may have defecated, your dog may ingest parasites eggs or protozoan that can cause your dog to develop worms or disease.