Dog loves getting treats during nail trim

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Poncho is Brent’s 12 year old Basenji cross buddy. She is a rescue that over 12 years ago, Brent and his two children, Ryan and Jayla brought back from Riviera Maya, Mexico. During a Christmas vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, Ryan and Jayla, then fourteen and ten, had taken a short walk to the beach. Staying in a condo only a few minutes walk from the beach, the two children walked along a dirt road between a resort and a small mangrove. Having walked this with their dad a couple times previously, it was an easy path for them to go see the beach that they would be enjoying for the next two weeks. Within minutes of leaving, they returned to the condo.

“Dad, guess what we found? “ Exclaimed Ryan with a very excited voice. Brent was thinking and replied, “Hmmm, I don’t know, what did you and Jayla find? An iguana? Well it definitely was not an iguana! “TWO puppies in a milk crate with a blanket… can we keep them?” That was surely not the way this vacation was planned out, to bring two rescue dogs back to Vancouver, Canada. Brent quickly, well over the next day or two, found out what was required for this process with the help of his then girlfriend, now wife Elsa whom was back home in Canada. After some phone calls it was determine the puppies would require an examination from a local veterinarian and airfare arranged through the airline. After a quick trip to the vet, he created passports for the two pups, Poncho and Carmelita (both females) and everyone was back to the condo. Two weeks went fast in Mexico, and everyone was back en-route to Canada with two puppies in a travel crate. Blasting through check-in and immigration, it seemed everyone was pleased to see two puppies joining a great family. Arrival in Canada was simple, one main question asked by the Canadian immigration officer ” did you plan on bringing dogs back from Mexico?” Brent had the perfect and very quick response “ definitely not officer !”

Over the next 12 years, Poncho has become a great pet, Carmelita was given to another loving family as her and her sister did not get along well. Brent began nail trims for Poncho when she was just a tiny puppy when trims were required. Gently holding her legs and massaging Ponchos feet over time, made her become accustomed to having her feet touched. Many dogs do not like to feel they are being confined or held in ways that they are not able to get away. Doing this whenever needed has formed a great bond between him and his pooch, plus it has brought Poncho to not be afraid of this care. “It sure helps to have a couple treats in hand, it seems to take her mind off the noise of the clippers” Brent mentioned. Once completed Poncho most definitely is a happy pooch. No more clicky nails on the laminate flooring!

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