Massive Flooding Washes Road Away

Published June 4, 2019 365 Views $0.07 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherOccurred on May 21, 2019 / Okarche, Oklahoma, USA

Info from Licensor: "I work for Kingfisher County and was out assessing the damage. We have to check road conditions and warn the public of issues and close roads that aren’t passable. This road was already completely washed out when we arrived. The culverts were clogged from all of the debris from the torrential rainfalls from the day/night before. We put up signs to block the road when we noticed the ground cracking and moving. That is when I took the video. The water from the nearby field was so strong it ripped right through the road tearing out both culverts and destroying the road and surrounding area. It was washed out at least 10 feet deep."