Gooday 3D Digital Wall Clock Review

Published June 2, 2019 21,487 Views

Rumble This is a good-looking clock. I like the 3D look of it, even if it is a bit 'modern' and potentially 'cold'.
There are a number of things I like and a few things I don't.
-Directions are pretty straight-forward and easy to understand
-Remote is excellent addition, so you don't have to take the clock down to reset it and you can type in the numbers of the time instead of having to click through all the numbers when you're setting it.
-HUGE plus is the wall hanger pegs and hanging template - something everything that hangs should come with
-I really like that the clock tells time, date, and temperature. I would like the ability to choose how quickly the time/date/temp cycle changed, or to exclude the date or temp, but that's not an option. Options are cycle or just time.
-Clock is thick enough to stand on it's own without a stand. Cord channel in the back is great for flush-wall hanging. Unfortunately, this clock is wired so you have to have an ugly cord showing somewhere - there is no battery or charging option sadly. The plug is a USB plus so it should be pretty universal.
-I wish I could change the colors of the LEDs on the clock. White is nice, but multi-color and more options would be amazing.
-Includes alarm and timer functions, though I don't foresee using them.
-I wish this clock were motion-activated or could be set to be motion activated. I wanted to use this in our master bedroom, but even on the lower brightness setting it is too bright to sleep by. I would have to shut it off manually with the remote. Just not worth the hassle.

Overall, it's a good clock with some extra features I didn't expect. There are things I wish it did include, and I really wish it wasn't wired only, but if you read and know what you're getting you should be happy with it.

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