French Bulldog Naps On Keyboard While Owner Does Homework

Published June 1, 2019 80,400 Views $23.15 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNo one loves a good nap like this french bulldog puppy! All he needs to do is find just the right place on the owner's hands while she writes her papers. Too cute! Just watching this cute little popper will have you yawning and wanting one of your own! What can possibly be adorable than a sleepy puppy?

Being a little popper is hard work. Being pretty all the time requires a lot of dedication and a lot of strength. Add that to the amount of goofiness one has to possess and you are left with a really tired pooch. Whenever our little furry friends exhaust the energy in their tiny bodies, they always turn into nap mode, no matter the place.

We have seen poppers sleep in many locations. From the narrow spaces between furniture to the edge of the blow-up pools in our gardens to the middle of the room because they were not able to move even an inch further. One place we have not seen them occupy yet is that warm space over the open laptop and naping on the owner’s hand. It seems like this puppy called Vivian has found its perfect spot because there is no moving from it anytime soon.

There is something so heartwarming about finding your perfect nap location. It has to be very soft and very cozy. It has to be warm and it has to be safe. This little furry dog has chosen the perfect place to lay down and get some Zsss. The keyboard of it is human’s laptop provides the perfect amount of warmth to lull it into sleep.

We all have that special nook in the home that is ours and no one else’s. It is the spot we would like to curl ourselves in a ball in and just lay until the end of term, or at least until the bad weather or our problems pass us by. It does not have to be elegant or well kept; it just has to be ours and no one else's.

Canines are very much like us in that habit. Our loving pets, too, have a comfortable nest where they love to wait and to sit for us to show them some love. We might give them the most comfortable dog beds or even let them relax on down feathers, but they would still climb on our beds or nap on the cat bed when we busy on work.

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