Cat Looks Super Cool In Sunglasses

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Rumble / Cats & KittensCats are incredible creatures. It seems that no matter how much we try to describe them, we can never do it in one word. There are so many sides to a cat, and they switch between them all in the blink of an eye.

They can be real angels, nudging you with their marshmallow paws on your chest and looking at you with round intelligent eyes, knowing that you need some furry love. They also love to wake you up with those same paws in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. They are brilliant creatures, and they can weather any storm on their own. It seems like you can never truly domesticate them and it’s fine, they are perfect each way.

However, at times they can be distracting, say, right at that time when you need to do yoga and you need all the concentration possible. Just ask this owner, he’s got lots of experience with these cuddly and extremely needy fur balls.

There are two kinds of people in this world. The ones who love cats and those who despise them. It is not tough to see why, since cats can be quite cunning in their ways, making people believe they can not be trusted. “It takes one to know one”, they say.

And yes, we suppose it is true. Cats have really devious ways and if you can’t find a way to understand them, they may seem scary. But people who do love cats and happen to own at least one of them, can tell you that, when in their own zone, cats are actually clumsy balls of fur on four legs who happen to fall in trouble more often than they lead on.

What we find especially interesting in this particular cat, is not only that it has the patience to let its owner decorate it with sunglasses but that it actually is very chill about it. Yes that's right, here you have your first "hippy cat". We must say, usually we have videos of cats jumping around, play fighting with some other cat, it's very rarely do we see a kitten be so laid back and enjoying the moment.

Usually, when we think of cats, we think of their somewhat wild nature, their really quick reactions and even their instinct of hunting, which we all know they are very good at. However, this video proves that cats have another side to them as well. Well, we can't be as definitive to say that all cat's do but however, this kitten surely does.

In all honesty, it is a rare occasion that animal lovers tend to film these kinds of videos, therefor we don't get many of them. However, when we do, they are , well, this awesome!

Go ahead and take a look as this video is bound to teach you a little bit about relaxation and give you a point or two. We love watching cat videos! They always make us feel confident and full of energy! Do you like cats?


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