Rogue Sheep Loose In City Headbutts Officer Trying To Catch It

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsAn unhappy sheep caused disturbance on the streets of Lancaster, like a scene from a comedy movie, officers chased the sheep and attempted to stop it but it head-butted the officer and ran away fast.
The Police Officer from Lancaster’s Police got the first call of the day about a sheep who was running loose and freely on the roads of Lancaster near Lancaster City Centre.
In a video filmed by Jake Clark, an eye-witnessed of the incident, the mischievous sheep can be seen very aggressively launching itself at a Police officer.
The run-away sheep then moved past the officer, who climbs out of his car to stop the sheep and take it in his custody but the rogue sheep refused to co-operate and did not allow the officer to shepherd it to safety. The rogue sheep continued to resist police officers and expressed his unhappiness by head-butting one of the dog handlers. The Police followed the sheep but were unable to take it to the custody easily, after trying a lot they made a decision call the dog unit of the Lancaster’s Police.
Despite giving a tough time to the Police, the dog unit was successful in capturing the sheep. Both the sheep and the dog handler were safe in the “Sheep comedy operation”.
The Police’s dog unit tweeted a picture of the unhappy sheep after it had been taken into custody.
Lancashire Police’s spokesperson said: "Despite the police vehicle in the background of the sheep in the picture, this is not an undercover police dog”.
He added more:
"If you have lost a sheep it is in our custody and the sheep and dog handlers were safe during the process," police tweeted.
Lancashire Rural Police unit added: "Have you lost any sheep in Lancaster City Centre?
"Officers have captured an unhappy sheep who was causing disturbance on the roads of Lancaster this morning."
Jake Clark, the person who filmed the footage, said the officer has done a “great job taking a head-butt off that bear-sized sheep but still taking it in their custody”.
The police are currently taking care of the sheep, and are looking to locate its owner to return it to him.
Nobody, neither the sheep nor the officers were injured during the incident, Police said.
We can easily say that sheep can be very beneficial in some way or other but sometimes it makes chaos for its owner and even for Police. So be careful if you are the owner of a sheep.