Robot Vacuum Interferes With Dog's Nap Accomplishes Nothing

Published May 27, 2019 1,500 Plays $38.17 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEverybody who’s ever taken a typing class is familiar with “The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” But maybe the world’s most familiar typing exercise should be changed to “The quick little robot vacuum jumped over the lazy dog”—because the lazy dog in this hilarious, must watch video, whose nap remains completely undisturbed, is clearly one VERY lazy dog! This little robot vacuum is doing its job, keeping the floors of its home sparkling clean, and so one really can’t blame it for having interrupted the nap of the super chill and sleepy dog show in this clip.

What will forever remain a mystery is just how it is that this pooped pooch manages to remain so resolutely asleep while the robot vacuum goes about its business, barely stirring and not even opening his eyes no matter how many times or how persistently the vacuum bumps into him. We’re not sure what the explanation is (although we’re inclined to chalk it up to the sheer and overwhelming inertia of a napping dog), but all we can say is that we wish we were able to sleep as soundly as this little dog does!

Imagine how refreshed you’d feel in the morning if nothing at all—not buzzing cell phones or crying babies or traffic outside or even a vacuum cleaner bonking against your head—was able to disturb you while you slept. It sounds perfectly heavenly to us, and we definitely hope that the dog in this hilarious video doesn’t take his advanced napping abilities totally for granted. He probably does, though. This is the rare occasion when watching a video leaves us cracking up with hilarious laughter on the one hand while also instilling in us a deep desire to take a good long nap on the other hand. It’s the rare form of entertainment that leaves you both amused and sleepy once you’re finished with it, but this video manages to accomplish just that.

So if you’re looking for a bit of respite in your otherwise hectic day, you can’t really do much better than watching this video—for both its comedy and its serenity—before plunging back into your workday grind. So hit the Play button now, and then be sure to share this one around among your friends who could use a break in their own day. We know they’ll thank you for it!