Sergeant Makes It Home Just In Time To Surprise Daughter At Graduation

Published May 27, 2019 9,412 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesWhen soldiers are stationed, their absence is felt so much, Mostly by their family Members. Why wait at home to surprise your daughter when you can go directly to their school? Well, that is exactly what this soldier did as soon as he got home from his deployment! Get your tissues ready as this schoolgirl is reunited with his father in this heartwarming family reunion!

Florida high school senior got a big surprise on her graduation day. Kayla Tillman has reunited with father after years apart. His daughter Kayla thought he was going to miss her big day. After every graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas crossed the stage, one student was called back. Then she got the surprise of a lifetime when she was called on stage. Tillman’s father is a tank commander in the US Army. He was stationed in South Korea for 10 years.

He told his daughter, that he would not be capable to make her graduation commemoration in Fort Lauderdale days before she was set to take the stage, but that is just because he was organizing a great surprise. He flew all the way from South Korea to see his daughter on her big day.

Surprises are always grateful and looked forward to even if they are surprises. We can all admit that surprises are something that all of us appreciate and wish for, but presently not all family members can be present for some surprises. Such is the situation with families who have loved one in the Army. We keep them in our thoughts, but no matter how strongly we feel their presence, it still is not quite the same.

If you know a military family, let them know you are there, and give them an extra hug, or a special day, or just invite them for lunch or dinner. Just let them know you care. You honestly can't really understand it unless you experience what we have gone through, especially during deployment.

Not knowing from one moment to another whether your loved one will even come back or come back healthy, having to move and move and move. All the special days missed. Those special moments between a parent and a kid. There is no real safety net, just uncertainty. That is why it is a tearful joy when we see things like this.

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