Four amazing horses load themselves into trailer

Published May 26, 2019 3,754 Views $2.08 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsTariane is the caretaker to four adult full size horses and a mini pony she actually calls Mini Pony. Living in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Tariane is a professional driver during her “day job” and a super mother of four children plus multiple animals including the horses in this video. Learning to ride at a young age herself, horses have always been in Tariane’s life. Once becoming a parent herself, the kids were all taught how to care for and eventually ride the numerous horses living on Tariane’s property. Nevaeh, the youngest adorable little daughter, has been riding Mini Pony for a while as have Jordy, Leland and the eldest son Kiegen. Being small, Mini Pony and his days with Tariane and her family have come to an end. Like some families do with homes, Mini Pony has become too small for the kids to ride, it would only injure his back and legs.

The day the video was recorded was the day Mini Pony was introduced to a new family, one that can enjoy her for her tiny size. Along with Brent’s lack of horse knowledge, comes a lack of knowing value of these beautiful animals. Asking Tariane what mini Pony fetched at the auction she said “Actually he went for $200 over asking” Tarine mentioned, $800 green backs in her pocket. Not bad for a 1 horsepower vehicle. Brent is a cousin of Tariane whom lives in Surrey British Columbia. When he heard her mention that her horses were” self loading”, he was in disbelief and asked her to prove it. Brent is more of a city guy than a country cowboy so to say, and although he loves animals, his expertise runs very short in the horse department.

Tariane listed off her team as Nova, a ten year old white paint mare. Dexter is what she calls a sorrel gelding and he is seven years old. Spartan, well he is a four year old line back dun apparently. Brent was shaking his head with all these terms and said” all I know, is they are all horses!”. Last but not least came Kissa and she is sixteen and still going strong. Asking how was she able to teach her horses to self load, Tariane described that from when she first purchased the horses, she practiced with them quite often. Perfecting this loading technique would make sure she was able to load them quickly and safely in case of an emergency. An emergency, meaning a forest fire as she lives in a very wooded area of British Columbia. It is simply amazing how smart these animals are. Great job Tariane.