Howling Newborn Puppy Just Wants To Snuggle

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNothing is cuter than pups, especially when they are trying to howl and snuggle for the first time. While loud, noisy puppies can be annoying, especially if you have neighbors, a puppy’s first howl is incredibly lovable. This golden retriever puppy is trying to impress his mom by howling for the first time and the mom looks proud and happy.
Hopefully, he will never grow up and keep his little howl forever.
How cute!

Puppies are always cute and curious. They are usually imitating other puppies, especially their mothers as they grow up to be adults. In this cute video, there is an adorable golden retriever howling and snuggling for the first time. He is barely three weeks old and he just found his voice and we cannot get enough of it!

All of his sisters and brothers are already napping but he is still trying to find the perfect place to snuggle up and close his eyes. Would not you like to take a nap in a pile of puppies like this? Can you smell the puppy breath?

The pup probably learned how to howl early, due to the dog’s common quality of being highly intelligent; in addition, to be active, independent, and able to survive in harsh conditions.

Golden Retrievers are amazing animals and that is quite obvious as they are one of the most beloved and popular puppies around the world. These attractions are loyal and incredibly loving with their owners. If you want a faithful partner to be by your side, look no further, but if you are looking for a guard canine you should probably look elsewhere. Gulden’s are all bark and no bite!

Golden retrievers are known to love people and to be perfect family dogs, in addition to being mindful of their surroundings, especially around furniture or children. Hopefully, this pup will grow up to be strong and big, but it would also be okay if he stayed small forever.

If slobbery wet kisses and lots of couch snuggle time sound like entertainment, get yourself a Golden Retriever puppy! The golden glitter they leave behind is just a reminder there is nothing greater than these fluffy tiny nuggets.
Life is better with a Golden!

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