Heartwarming rescue of foal abandoned by its mother

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesA mother horse had her baby. After the foal failed to stand on its own, she left it in the sun. After a foal is abandoned it is a matter of hours before the damage is irreversible. This newborn was in a very dangerous situation. This lady is known for helping animals in need and lives in an area with no rescue organization nearby. The community began contacting her after the baby was seen by a man working in the remote area. The foal was found alone and in bad shape in danger of dehydration and lack of very needed early birth nutrition. They rushed the newborn foal to help and contacted a rescue center to meet up for desperately needed medical care.

This was not this couple's first rescue, but was a very emotional moment of seeing an infant possibly premature foal in such need.

The couple hopes to raise money to pay for the care and rehabilitation of the foal so they may adopt him permanently and provide a forever loving home.

Special thanks to Heart of Phoenix Equine rescue and Bella Run Equine!


  • tjames35, 44 weeks ago

    So where is the money fund page?

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        Really Great. Thank you! Its a horse rescue and adopt project. Really awesome!

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    Well done!

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