Poodle becomes extremely jealous of fake dog

Published May 24, 2019 24,508 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesJealousy is a unique emotion that any living creature can experience. Even animals are quite capable of feeling jealousy as evidenced by this video. A white poodle sits on a couch beside a very realistic looking toy dog. Possibly the toy looks almost too realistic because when the owner starts to speak to the toy dog and stroke its fur, the poodle's feelings of jealousy bubble to the surface. He begins to growl and bark when the woman tells the toy dog that it's cute. She reassures the poodle that he is just as cute as the toy dog, but the poodle is not buying it for one second. In his mind, this fake dog is threatening his home turf and he needs to go now.

Jealousy can often show itself among human siblings when one of the children feels that a brother or sister is being favored over another. It can appear over trivial matters such as one child getting an extra cookie or treat. It doesn't take much for the emotion of jealousy to sneak up on you. In families that have more than one dog you will often see jealousy when one dog wants to sit on the owners lap and the other pet wants to do the same. They will snipe and growl at each other as they fight for dominance. It's not unlike the wolf pack with the alpha wolves and the omega. Dogs are social pack animals and in most cases, the human owner is the leader of the pack.

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