Newborn calf tries to sleep in adorably awkard position

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsGrace is a beautiful little calf who is only three days old. She was born on a warm spring day on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario.

The animals here live a good life, with lush, green meadows to graze in and forest nearby. They have two ponds to drink from and a lot of space to roam. Except during the harsh winter months, they roam free over these large pastures and enjoy a life that is as close to what nature intended as possible. The farmers treat the animals well and watch over them from their house on top of the hill. The herd is very content and the cows keep watch over the babies in a way that seems almost like an extended family. The Aunties lie and chew their cud while the babies doze away nearby. It is not uncommon to see a cow keeping watch over several calves while the mothers are eating grass a short distance away.

Grace is snoozing in the grass on the sunny side of one of the hills as her mother, Delores, wanders around nearby. But Grace can't quite get comfortable and she awkwardly stretches her back leg up and over her head. She rests her hoof on her head and closes her eyes, adorably trying to sleep in this ridiculous position. She eventually gives up and puts her leg down.
Dave, who was in the meadow filming the cows and calves can't resist giving this beautiful little baby a pat on the head. She's about as cute as can be. Mother cows can be protective though, so Dave wisely keeps an eye on mom in order to make sure she doesn't object to him touching her precious newborn.

Grace will nurse for up to a year, growing big and strong. She will graze with the herd too and someday soon she will have calves of her own.


  • nademedeiros, 40 weeks ago

    Awwww!! Too sweet!!

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  • einsteinparrot, 38 weeks ago

    Reminds me of the way babies can sleep in any position!

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