Philanthropist's ingenious Lamborghini campfire hacks

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Rumble / Full Throttle CarsGhostrider is an anonymous philanthropist who keeps his identity a closely guarded secret, His face is always hidden behind a mask and only a select few know who he is and what he does. He uses his Lamborghini Aventador SV for charitable causes whenever he can.

A proud member of the North face Rally, Ghostrider and other club members use their beautiful exotic machines to make dreams come true for deserving children. They host rallies and community events to raise funds for toy drives, Cops for Cancer events, and other charities and causes.

But Ghostrider uses his Lamborghini for fun things too. He loves to feel the incredible power of the car under full throttle, and he appreciates the beauty and style of this piece of moving art. The throaty growl of the 10 cylinder engine brings a smile to his face, although you can't actually see it.

Ghostrider takes the car almost everywhere he goes, including camping. Because Ghostrider also appreciates nature, along with the quieter moments in life, a getaway in the forest is always a good thing. Excited as anyone would be, he buys the right snacks and supplies for a little camping excursion. Packing the car isn't what you might be used to though because a Lamborghini trunk is up front, and it barely holds what he needs. He jams in some Jiffy Pop popcorn, a few marshmallows, some charcoal for a campfire and he's off. Who can blame him for being in a little bit of a hurry to get out in the woods and relax? The engine roars as Ghostrider flies along the country roads on his way to the woods.

Finding a peaceful spot in a stand of pine trees, he realizes that he has no lighter or matches to start a fire. But one of the advantages to having a Lamborghini is that flames are not hard to produce. All it takes is a little revving of the engine. Ready for a snack, he begins to heat things up and makes an attempt to roast the marshmallows on a stick at the exhaust. There's certainly enough heat but the exhaust just melts and blasts the marshmallows off the stick.

Ghostrider didn’t get to where he is by giving up easily. He is a persistent fellow so he tries another approach. He lines up a few sticks and a little charcoal and sets them up behind the exhaust. He's going to summon his inner boy scout and make a campfire that any outdoorsman would be proud of. Yet again, the powerful exhaust simply blows the sticks away. With a little more effort and another attempt, the exhaust lights the fire and the flames are roaring enough to get those marshmallows toasted properly. And when the marshmallows are done, it's time for a little popcorn too. Bring on the Jiffy Pop!

As darkness sets in, and the campfire burns, all that is need needed are a few ghost stories, or better yet GhostRIDER stories and this scene will be complete.

In typical Ghostrider fashion, even this video will be used to assist a young child who needs help with medical expenses as she battles cancer. Your likes, comments and shares will help him accomplish something incredible for a very deserving family.


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