I Won’t Hide My Vitiligo | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Published May 22, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble YEARS of bullying and judgement have not stopped one young model from embracing her skin condition and throwing off the shackles of a cover-up make-up regime that would take close to an hour each day. Storm Frederick, of East New York, has a new-found confidence after choosing to celebrate the Vitiligo she hid for years and modeling with the condition on full display. The 20-year-old student spent years being bullied and feeling ashamed of her appearance, and says during middle school she even had to be walked home from school by her brother when the bullying became too much. Storm told Barcroft Studios: “I used to just get insult after insult. People were just judging me and thinking that my skin was gross or asking me if I got burns or ‘did I bleach my skin?’