Funny Great Dane Howls At Himself In The Mirror

MaxandKatietheGreatDanes Published May 20, 2019 2,745 Plays $2.51 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are such incredible creatures! They are not only a man’s best friends, but they are also the funniest ones! They really know how to make us laugh even when they are just having fun by themselves! Just check out this video and you will see what I mean. It is so cute and funny that you really do not want to miss it!

When canines encounter their reflections in the mirror for the first time, there are so many different ways they can react to it. Some try to get away from it; others get totally confused by the exact same dog staring at them, while some decide to play with their reflections. And the last option is exactly what the adorable dog from this video chose!

This cute black and white 9-month-old Great Dane adorable name Mickey has come across a mirror probably for the first time in her puppy life. With playing with the ball he howls at his reflection in the mirror on the sliding door.
Mickey looks like he is afraid of this other dog. However, at one moment, he goes near the mirror and makes contact with his muzzle but to no avail. The other friend cannot be touched and he cannot be played with so at the end of the video, Mickey slowly calms down and backs off.

We cannot help laughing at this funny dog as he is not able to work out that the second dog is actually his own reflection. The way he barks and starts barking at the mirror makes us grin from ear to ear. How precious is he! We could watch this little Mickey as he explores the world whole day long and not get tired of her!

Dogs are very intelligent and adaptable creatures that, like countless others, lack the cognitive development necessary to self-recognize visually, whether in a mirror or in a video. Scientist uses a mirror test to check whether subjects perceive mirrors reflections as belonging to Animals. While canines have failed this test, this does not necessarily mean they lack self-awareness, only that the mirror does not engage their interest.

When canines look into a mirror, they usually have 1 of 2 responses. They may bark or try to invite play as if they were staring at another dog, or they may appear to do nothing. Dogs that perceive the mirror reflection as another dog and either bark or invite the dog to play tend to lose interest when their actions get no response. After the first experience, dogs often ignore their reflection in the mirror.