What's Rumble and How Can I Sign Up For New Account

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Rumble The following is an explanation of how Rumble works, based on my
own experience as a content creator and my own research.

What is Rumble?
Rumble is a platform for uploading and sharing videos. It works in a similar manner to YouTube. Content creators submit their videos to have them posted on Rumble.com. As with YouTube, there is a potential to earn a profit through advertising on the videos.

Advertisers pay Rumble to have their ads placed prior to videos, overlaid on the video or in a sidebar. The return for the content creator increases with each ad that is viewed in completion and with each ad that is followed to the merchant's website. Some advertisers pay simply based on exposure.

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    Hello sir. First, good work with the promotional video. I watched this video and recognized a document that I created myself. I asked the Rumble staff to verify the accuracy, which they were kind enough to do. But I created it on my own. I use this guide specifically for people whom I have referred. It is not a guide that was created by several creators, and it is not intended for use and distribution by anyone without my permission. It certainly was not something that I wanted to see in a video. Unless I am mistaken, I am not your referrer? I am assuming that you received it through your own referrer? Please contact me directly through the forum to discuss this. Thank you.

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